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Advanced Technology Research Council launches UAE Research Map to support UAE’s research and development sector

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Abu Dhabi, 20 May 2024: Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), has launched a new initiative that will turbo-charge the country’s research sector and catalyse efficiencies – UAE Research Map. The centralised resource portal is being implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Emirates Research and Development Council (ERDC), and will serve as a platform to anyone involved with or interested in learning more about the state of the research and development (R&D) ecosystem in the country.

The UAE Research Map coordinates research efforts with government agencies, higher education institutes, research-focused organisations, and industry partners, to provide a single platform in the country for where all research needs can be tapped into. It represents the most comprehensive and up-to-date information in R&D, showcasing the depth and breadth of research activities, additionally serving as a message board for signposting significant R&D competitions, jobs and other events.

The centralised portal is set to cascade critical value to further elevate research as a key contributor to the economy, through highlighting funding opportunities to support projects, training and mentorship programmes, expert peer networking and career opportunities, as well as support for UAE National talent. In addition, it serves as an information hub to find UAE publications, researchers, and R&D centres, as well as detailed guides and policies. A key focus area for the portal is to provide an outlook on IP tech opportunities in the evolving field and an R&D ecosystem map of the UAE. Users such as universities and entrepreneurs can continue to contribute by posting their opportunities.

His Excellency Shahab Issa Abu Shahab, Director General at ATRC, said: “The UAE Research Map provides a unique platform for collaboration in the area of R&D, and aims to leverage all available resources for various research entities and individuals. The UAE has expedited the establishment and expansion of its R&D ecosystem within a very tight timeframe, to keep pace with the possibilities presented by technological advancements. This centralised portal brings together crucial building blocks to deepen our research mindset and enhance the efficiency of our ecosystem. It is set to become a critical tool in uniting the efforts of key researchers and their ideas.”

His Excellency Dr. Muhammad Al-Mualla, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Academic Affairs, confirmed that one of the Ministry's priorities is to promote cooperation with different Departments in the country, in order to accelerate the pace towards establishing a reliable national database and platform that is full of comprehensive and integrated information, and various supporting details related to research and development.

This platform will be an important resource for agencies, experts, specialists, students, and others, that enable and provide them with the necessary various accurate information for the research and development process, and subsequently, it constitutes a genuine guarantee for expediting progress, enhancing the UAE's competitiveness, and keeping Update with the modern developments.

He clarified that launching the “UAE Research Map” initiative by the Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Emirates Research and Development Council (ERDC), make a qualitative transition in the way to its future impact to strengthen research and development, and to be an effective tool to enhance the wheel of knowledge and scientific progress in diverse fields of life in the UAE. As it is a step that go with the national approach and the UAE’s future vision in establishing a true renaissance and a sustainability of the abilities by providing capabilities that facilitate the work of various entities, researchers, and students to get the data they need accurately and quickly, in accordance with the best flexible technological systems.

His Excellency stated that, in order to embed the field of scientific research and development, we need to gather efforts and energies, as it constitutes the basic foundation for making a difference at all levels, whether the developmental, the social, the economic or the cultural. And it falls within the Ministry’s efforts to carry it out, and creating the positive climate for the UAE to be a pioneer in this process, building a sustainable knowledge economy, and placing the UAE’s name on the world development map.

In the future, UAE Research Map will offer enhancements such as an up-to-date publications section, an expert finder with additional filtering options and a fortified commercialisation section that will empower researchers to take ideas from lab to market.