Tackle today’s challenges. Innovate for a better world.

Tackle Today’s Challenges. Innovate For a Better World.

We nurture the next generation of talent through our NextTech Program, which places exceptional Emirati STEM students in leading global universities to collaborate with experts on groundbreaking research projects.

NexTech gives students an opportunity to acquire a master’s degree or PhD from a leading international university while working as an associate researcher at one of TII’s 10 research centers.

Working at the forefront of cutting-edge technology research, NexTech’s technologists can play their part in strengthening the nation’s reputation as an innovator and pioneer.

Working on research projects with global impact, they tackle today’s challenges and innovate for a better world for all.


ATRC’s NexTech Programme

To nurture the next generation of tech talent, we are inspiring young people across the UAE to explore and develop careers in advanced technology.

Outreach and engagement drive
Outreach and engagement drive

We support TII innovations through early and growth stages, helping them scale-up to commercialization and market success.

Empowerment Initiatives
Empowerment Initiatives

We encourage new talent to become part of research projects at TII.

Talent Scouting Initiative
Talent Scouting Initiative

We fast-track and support exceptional talent in their R&D careers.

Master's and doctoral programs

Earn a master's or doctorate degree from a top international university while working as a research fellow at one of the seven basic research centers within the Institute for Technology Innovation.

Advantages of the NexTech Program

  • Outstanding professional development
  • Exciting and unique scientific challenges
  • Attending important scientific conferences around the world and presenting research in them
  • Obtain advanced certificates from local and international universities
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Necessary scientific expertise

  • To enroll in the master's program, the candidate must possess a bachelor's degree
  • To enroll in the doctoral program, the candidate must possess a master's degree.
  • Candidates can major in any of the following areas: artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, machine learning, computer engineering or computer science, electrical or electronics engineering, mechanical or electromechanical engineering, mathematics and physics, telecommunications engineering, software engineering, information technology.


Be part of the change, help build your country

  • Boost your country's reputation by acting as 
    an entrepreneurial innovator.
  • Work on research projects that have a global impact.
  • Contribute to establishing and strengthening the position of Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates as a home of exceptional technological talent and a global center for innovation.

Inspiring Ambition. Guiding Innovation.

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